So let’s say we have created a great looking HTML signature for you now you discover that there is no HTML view in the “Edit Signature” box in Outlook 365 (trust Windows to forget such an important thing). No worries,

You could switch to a much better email app right now by downloading and installing ThunderBird.

or you can do do some hacking here’s how to do it. (The following assumes your running Windows 10 and Office 365 but who knows, it might work fine with other version combos):

Restoring your backed up data in Outlook is one of the most needed processes because quite often when you change service providers the new server will have no emails on it and when you synchronise all your existing emails on you PC and phone will be deleted as you log into the new server through the process of synchronisation. NB for this to work you should do a backup of your email accounts before syncing to the new server!

It happens to the best of computers. When you first boot up that new computer all fresh and shiny it runs like a bullet train. After a year or two you start to notice that it has slowed down considerably to the point where it is almost impossible to get through your day of work without cursing at your screen at least five times. In this infographic we explore all the potential causes for your PC to be running slow and offer some remedies on how you could speed it up again.

"OK so first off, good design and development skills are not cheap and we are not cheap!"

I am sure that you will find someone willing to beat any price we give you but what we ask you is to consider all the factors Like originality, your brand ambitions, your mission, your market and your customers and most importantly what functionality you require from your online business presence.

We have created this resource to answer this question of what we charge and why please take a look through it.

How to build a cheap website

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What's so special about us?

There are so many companies and individuals offering websites out there, so why should you use DiG to create and manage your online business presence?

Yes we have years of coding and design knowledge and we are very good at building websites, but we also have actual business management experience and an understanding of what it takes to run a business from logistics through to marketing.
This is were our offering differs. We use those years of industry experience to develop online tools to assist with your business work flow and processes.
This automation will not only save you time and prevent task repetition but  it will also ensure that all your processes are compliant with current legislation.

WE OFFER ONGOING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS ...    ... not just websites!

There is something special about your business.

Our goal will be to let the world know what that is!

Proudly serving you from Melkbosstrand.


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We are not cheap . . .

. . . but we do, however, offer reasonable Website Subscription Plans that make our services affordable and accessible, without sacrificing quality.  This is a great option for smaller to mid-size companies who need a great website on a budget and who also need our regular Monthly Marketing, Social Media and SEO support.

There’s always someone willing to do it cheaper, but . . .

. . . generally, when you find someone willing to do a cheap website, that is what you are getting – a cheap website, and there is always a catch to a cheap website!

Your website should work for you. It is your best employee. Would you underpay your best employee?