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Please Note. We do not develop websites that are not hosted with us as our servers are set up to work with our high standards of development. You may choose to develop with us sign off on the development pay for the development and then we back up the website for installation at another host. We charge a fee for backing up and rebuilding at other host, but we do not gurantee functionality at the other host as we have no control over the other hosts servers.

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You can phone us on: +27791282693 We are also available using this number on Signal app, Telegram app and Whatsapp
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What's so special about us?

There are so many companies and individuals offering websites out there, so why should you use DiG to create and manage your online business presence?

Yes we have years of coding and design knowledge and we are very good at building websites, but we also have actual business management experience and an understanding of what it takes to run a business from logistics through to marketing.
This is were our offering differs. We use those years of industry experience to develop online tools to assist with your business work flow and processes.
This automation will not only save you time and prevent task repetition but  it will also ensure that all your processes are compliant with current legislation.

WE OFFER ONGOING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS ...    ... not just websites!

There is something special about your business.

Our goal will be to let the world know what that is!

Proudly serving you from Melkbosstrand.


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We are not cheap . . .

. . . but we do, however, offer reasonable Website Subscription Plans that make our services affordable and accessible, without sacrificing quality.  This is a great option for smaller to mid-size companies who need a great website on a budget and who also need our regular Monthly Marketing, Social Media and SEO support.

There’s always someone willing to do it cheaper, but . . .

. . . generally, when you find someone willing to do a cheap website, that is what you are getting – a cheap website, and there is always a catch to a cheap website!

Your website should work for you. It is your best employee. Would you underpay your best employee?